Stephen Crenshaw, – Fort Bragg North Carolina

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    I just wanted to tell you I didn't pick Nationwide Transmission, I picked Blake! I've been around cars my whole live and I know mechanics and sales men. The day I brought my Jeep to your shop I had been to a lot of shops. A shop doesn't sell the work, the mechanic does. I felt good about you. I came in about a leak. You told me if I could fix it then fix it. You where just worried about internal damage. When I left I told Johanna when she has my transmission fixed to bring it to you. I knew it needed to be gone through, I just didn't have time to take it up there and I had to get the leak fixed. It turned out to be something small with the leak. When the guy "rebuilt" my motor he pulled a line out of my transmission. No big deal. But when he put it back in he just shoved it in and took a chunk out of the O-ring. I replaced the O-ring and the leak stopped. I don't know when it started to slip. When I was home for R&R it was slipping. I told my wife to take it to you. She asked if I was sure and I said yes. I didn't like anyone else. When someone else has to work on my cars I go with my feels not the shop or what they say. Thank you for going out of your way to email me and letting me know what's going on.

    Stephen Crenshaw, Fort Bragg North Carolina


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