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    So I met with Blake on 6Feb2017 after going to a dealership for transmission issues. The dealership informed me that I will need a brand new transmission and without labor, the price would be $3700. They happily informed me that it would come with a warranty though. I thought to my self, $3700 labor on a Buick Enclave that barely is with $8000?! I'd push that sucker off a cliff before that! After a few long breaths, I let my wife talk the Buick Enclave down from the cliff. I contacted Blake and he was extremely polite and friendly. I dropped it off over the weekend when the shop was closed and he had an answer to my problem by Monday afternoon. He informed me that all I needed was a DEALERSHIP software upgrade! He gave me all the information I needed to know in order to go back to the dealer to get the issue fixed since it was a DEALERSHIP issue and told me how to watch out for anymore dealership scams. After bringing the Buick Enclave to a hopefully more competent dealership, I told them to run another diagnostic check and to complete the software upload. After a few hours I hear back from the new dealership, they were sorry to inform me that it was an engine issue and that they would have to remove the engine and take it apart in order to fix the problem. They also said a transmission software upgrade wouldn't fix the issue. They said they couldn't give me an accurate cost estimate because it was going to be a couple of days of labor hours, but even though expensive, they would give me a new warranty! I laughed at the dealership and told him to just do the transmission software upgrade and to give me the Buick Enclave back without touching anything else. They did as they were told thankfully! Since the software upgrade, I have not had a single issue! NOT A SINGLE ONE! So after seeing Blake, he was able to save me the cost of a new engine AND transmission on a 2008 Buick friggin Enclave! For the upgrade, I only paid just over $100. Thank you so much Blake for your honesty, knowledge, and experience! You and your team are truly amazing! My wife, my future children's college savings plan, and I greatly appreciate everything! I will definitely recommend to others and will gladly return myself if I ever require your expertise again! Thanks again Sir, you guys are awesome!

    Dan Mikesell Fayetteville North Carolina


    What a story! A transmission here, an engine there, sounds like time for a new car to me! Whenever we diagnose a vehicle for the first time we do the necessary research to clarify the solution. In Dan's case it turned out that he needed a "reflash" in his transmission module updating the programming. Once he finally got the correct process complete voila! The Enclave is running fine. That's what we do, very clear discovery of the real problem. I talked to Dan after seeing this great review and he's as happy as can be. If you're reading this response take a moment and give us a call, we'll do the same for you! Thanks Dan, you made everyone's day!


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